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@anking-maintainers see Sketchy nid:1462992530707, I think that is the basis for current card. Not 100% sure here.

Yes i think sketchy was the basis of the card, okay with changing since sketchy is not very reliable

I think reduction in FSH is the reason, not FSH. FSH causes increase in all follicles. I have blurry memory of this from pathogenesis of PCOD syndrome where FSH is highly increased causing failure in dominance.

Would need further digging.

Largest follicle has highest sensitivity to FSH → production of estrogen → inhibition of FSH and halts production in smaller follicles is the basic claim from AMBOSS. Think this is basically getting at the idea that the one that becomes dominant will stop getting signaling from FSH last and therefore grows the largest/most primed for ovulation (which occurs due to LH surge, from consistently high estradiol)

Support change but think it deserves an explanation in extra as I thought this card seemed pretty accurate when I went through Repro last month


@AnKing-Maintainers agree with @CTE_BrainDamage - support change + add explanation

From Amboss:
“The day before the LH levels rise, one follicle becomes dominant (the remaining follicles regress as FSH levels decrease) and estradiol levels peak → positive feedback to the pituitary glandLH levels increase rapidly”


@Ahmed7 How come its taken so long but there is still no change to this card.

@sandhurb We are a team of medical students with very busy schedules, we also get 100s of suggestions a day to deal with. We want to be 100% sure that the change we are making is correct, especially with a topic that is not covered exceptionally well in our main accepted sources and requires deeper digging

With that being said, @AnKing-Maintainers lets try to get this one sorted


added explanation to extra section


Think we should add some explanation about FSH from here, as that’s what’s the cards testing, FSH

Current extra only mentions about LH

Also gland’s misspelled


Added about FSH, can also add that LH surge induces ovulation to complete the full picture


I think it is good to go

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Added a small note on actual role of LH in relation to dominant follicle (rupture leading to oocyte release), think this is good to go