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See nid:1485126756268 & nid:1485126765245

which on that note perhaps we should include the context in the extra of those to differentiate?

This scenario here is really a mixed picture (i.e., features of both acute and chronic) so idk if I would add anything to this card

It was my understanding that GI + chronic features = acute

Did I misunderstand?

UW specifically calls ataxia, tremor/fasciculations, and seizure chronic toxicity, as does nid:1485126765245 that you referenced - that said, UW also generally says that acute toxicity has “late neurologic sequelae” and does not specify what those are.

Take a look at the amboss link I put in the suggestion

It seems that the neuro symptoms are there in acute it’s just GI predominates

I’ll sit this one out :stuck_out_tongue: