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Reject - I’d say we can find a middle ground in this where the sentence is kept concise but reflects that thiamine itself doesn’t convert carbohydrates into glucose; it just assists as a cofactor; the purpose of this is to highlight a significant way that thiamine is used so the portion “other enzymatic reactions in the body” isn’t needed

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@Ahmed7 Before I make changes & accept, I wanted to share what I’m thinking we can change this to based on my earlier rationale: “Thiamine is an important cofactor in the conversion of glucose to ATP.”


Looks good!

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Might it be more accurate to say “Thiamine is an important cofactor in the conversion of pyruvate into ATP.” ? As the source of pyruvate and acetyl coA might be fats or proteins, not just carbs. As thiamine is mostly, but not only, used in the Krebs cycle.
All the bolded enzymes use thiamine as a cofactor.
From: https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/agricultural-and-biological-sciences/transketolase
Gerald F. CombsJrProfessor Emeritus, in The Vitamins (Fourth Edition), 2012

becareful with text formatting

make sure to remove it before pushing

Great point @Parker! I’ve updated the card to reflect the quoted statement you mentioned. Thank you for pointing this out!

I submitted another suggestion to correct for the content “pyruvate” instead of “glucose” and remove the whited-out text. I’m sorry about missing that earlier.