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AMBOSS link provided does not support claim as suggested; we generally do not consider non-Step related sources for changes. Original Sketchy is saying the bug burrows through the endocardium to get into the heart

Hi, the referenced sketchy is the older version, based off the newer version, the burrowing is not mentioned in the video, rather it only references myocardium/myocardial tissue throughout.

it doesn’t exactly bring up the point of where trypanosoma burrows verbatim, so would you recommend just still going off the older version of sketchy in this case

I think it’s a case of both of these concepts being true, just depends on what part of the pathophys we emphasize. The bug itself gets into blood → travels to heart → burrows through endocardium to get to the myocardium which it does seem is where it causes damage.

I’ll bookmark this post and come back in a month or two once I get through my first pass of UWorld (there’s two QIDs tagged here so hopefully those will be informative re: what’s important to know)

Thank you!