[02.19.2024] New Tags, AnKing-MCAT/AnKingMed, ID 1068884

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@bbh001 I see 402051 in unchanged tags. Just wanted to confirm if QID 401051 is a separate QID that’s requires the same content in the note to answer

Yes, correct. 401051 hinges on the same information, understanding.

Am I clipping something weird, in that I’m generating this many unchanged tags? Am I zigging, when I should have zagged, in some part of my workflow?

And/or, more broadly, is my tagging improved/improving as we go along?

No, you’re all good. Tagging is definitely improving. I’d just double check at the bottom of each note to check if a QID was previously tagged. The QIDs 401051 & 402051 seem too coincidentally close to be about the same info, which is why I ask. Would you mind checking if the unchanged tag for 402051 is a relevant QID?

402051 is indeed a question that hinges on noncompetitive inhibition, specifically its effects on vmax of a given enzyme and in discrimination of other effects that would be more likely attributed to other forms of inhibition.

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