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I thought nail finding was too specific. Support

Agree have always just associated presence of one on the card to recall the other. Hints more specifically get us to recall IDA → finding

@Ahmed7 @herstein.jacob

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I agree that these need hints because it took me a year to stop getting this card wrong. I think “eating disorder” might give it away too easily but can’t think of a better alternative so okay with it

Idk if this really helps, but maybe we just add “classic findings” or something like that - maybe my brain has been conditioned by years of seeing this card, but I immediately think of these 2 strange findings. Don’t love the current hints - even physical exam finding is vague because it could be pallor or something like that

I’m ok with adding “classic findings” in some way

Maybe go back to “nails” or “nail finding” instead of “PE finding”? I don’t think it really gives it away to someone that doesn’t know the symptom and truly directs the review to remember a specific nail finding in IDA as the card is trying to get us to do.

At a loss for a better hint on pica tho