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@Parker Looking at how this note fits into the others, there are sister notes like nid 1560278500283 (about an exponential relationship) that require someone to recognize what type of relationship is illustrated in the graph - helpful questions associated with graphs in passages. Given that the goal is more so recognition rather than the definition, we can keep the Text & include its definition in Extra. Before applying this change, let me know if you’d like to add anything!

I think the graph that is shown would be more representative of a parabolic or quadratic relationship. A quadratic relationship is already tested in a related note (1560279099338). If recognition of a curvilinear relationship is what is meant to be tested, I think a graph with an irregular (not so common) non-linear graph should be used. Technically it’s not wrong, a quadratic is a curvilinear relationship, but a card shouldn’t show a square and expect the answer to be rectangle. Even though a square is a rectangle, square is more precise.

That’s a good point. “Quadratic” could fit into the cloze, even though we’re looking for something else. I’ve replaced the image with a graph that can’t be characterized as “quadratic.” I’ll close this suggestion. Thanks for pointing this out @Parker!

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