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@bbh001 , could you provide rationales for 403072 & 402619? For 401005, could you expand on why the definition of an epimer is needed to determine the answer

QID 403072:

The question asks to identify, amongst a number of example molecules, which is an epimer of a molecule provided in the passage. Requires explicit knowledge of what constitutes an epimer in order to be able to identify the appropriate option, as well as to avoid other options that constitute diastereomers, enantiomers, etc., as potential answer options.

QID 402619:

Technically deals with diastereomers, rather than epimers specifically.

QID 401005:

The question involves an example of D-mannose and G-glucose, and asks to identify their relationship to each other. Requires explicit knowledge of what constitutes an epimer so as to be able to identify it in relation to the two molecules shown, as well as to discriminate against other answer options (enantiomers, constitutional isomers, etc.).

Thanks @bbh001 ! Just to clarify, “epimer” is an answer choice for QID 401005? And I’m thinking we’ll take out QID 402619 as a tag, unless it does have epimer as an explicit answer or reaching a conclusion would require knowledge of what an epimer is

Yep, for QID 401005 ‘epimer’ is an answer choice, as well as the correct answer choice.

Yeah, for 402619 that makes sense. :slight_smile:

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