[03.08.2024] Updated content, AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2/AnKingMed, ID 1171461

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I know for sure we’ve already got IM ceftriaxone for this in the deck but don’t think I’ve ever seen IV. Not saying it shouldn’t be included necessarily but had me scratching my head

Timeline change is in line with rest of deck

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Agree that timeline should change. Not sure if it is 100% necessary to include ROA, but not opposed


If its not 100% necessary to add ROA, then lets just keep to extra

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I think ROA is impt here as topical is the prophylaxis but once they get sick they require the IV/IM route

I’d definitely include IM as even I’ve seen this ROA referenced frequently; is IV commonly used or fair game for Step 2 testing?

We could forego the changes in the table, cause we might have an image replacement for that

@Anking-Maintainers bump

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Also don’t think route ks necessary to mention here.

Support the time change from 7 to 5 (already done on another card previously).

I don’t think we should remove the ROA, as it’s tested on in a few questions:

UW qid 3758


UW qid 3660


There might be more, not sure about that tho

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About ceftriaxone being IV/IM, not sure if that’s directly tested, will have to search for it thoroughly

Yeah, sorry, I meant to say about ceftriaxone only.

UW2 QID 3758 mentions it in the explanation and has it as a wrong answer choice