[03.08.2024] Updated content, AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2/AnKingMed, ID 1171543

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support, @anking-maintainers


Really confused by the suggestion history here. Looks like we had already accepted a change earlier last year to “Tearing back and/or abdominal pain”. And I see no other change reverting it to flank pain… :man_shrugging:t3: Support either way.

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Right? I thought it was just me but we changed it to back pain but now its back to flank? very confused :thinking:

Also not sure what happened, 100% support (UW 3551 mentions BOTH abdominal pain and flank pain, FYI)


Oh, I didn’t even notice the discrepancy. I just assumed that the change was TO flank instead of replacing flank with abd/back when I looked at the prior change.

Not sure how AnkiHub handles it on the backend, but it looks like there was the accepted change of Flank → Back/Abd at 1:57AM on 11/01/2023 BUT then there was an accepted change at 2:00AM on 11/01/2023 with the OLD Text of Flank Pain. This was on the same day and only minutes apart. So perhaps it got changed to abd/back for the 1:57AM change but then the new 2:00AM change switched it “back” to flank pain. If that’s the case, then that sounds like a bug that needs fixed somehow.

Yea this might’ve been accidental especially if you don’t refresh the page, i think we can just revert then? @Cameron @herstein.jacob

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Hard to say if that’s it because Nov 1 is just placeholder for anything that had discussion under it before we switched over to Discourse. Enough support here as is to revert though; I’m good with that


will push, seems to have been accidentally reverted way back and never picked up. Thank you @DillingerMed