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I rejected this recently- changing the wording here actually changes the meaning. @anking-maintainers if y’all disagree please let me know.

Current version is saying “TLS, which is associated with cancer treatment, is most common with the treatment of these specific neoplasms.” If you change the wording, it’s more like “TLS is mostly associated with treatment of some neoplasms, but it could also arise in other contexts.”

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What if we do it like this, to avoid future suggestions?

In what cancers is tumor lysis syndrome seen in?

Treatment of {{c1::lymphoma (NHL)}} and {{c2::leukemia (ALL, AML)}}

or something around this

Or just remove the most common, so its like:

Tumor lysis syndrome is seen in the treatment of {{c1::lymphoma (NHL)}} and {{c2::leukemia (ALL, AML)}}

I think the original is okay and does not need a change. its simply saying its most common in the treatment of these two problems. I dont see where the issue is?


I think grammatically, it does sound incorrect, that’s why the suggestions

I do think the original is okay tbh

I was reading it as if the other context, in this case, is that TLS can occur from a rapidly growing cancer that has a high turnover rate - but that TLS is more common with treatment than a rare cancer that causes it spontaneously

I think the card is fine either way - the original just sounds a little off grammatically


@herstein.jacob I agree that the suggestion would have changed the meaning.

While personally, I too think the original seems fine, It appears enough people are confused by the wording that this card could warrant improvement of some kind.

If we changed the word “with” to “during” do you think that would preserve the meaning while preventing future confusion?
Tumor lysis syndrome is most common during treatment of {{c1::lymphoma (NHL)}} and {{c2::leukemia (ALL, AML)}}


This could help!