[03.21.2024] Spelling/Grammar, AnKing-MCAT/AnKingMed, ID 1216226

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@rodeo528 I believe all the edits you’ve included add in spaces. Correct me if I’m wrong. If that’s the case, it should display properly either way. If the original mathjax input doesn’t, could you share a screenshot?

This is what I currently see on Anki. I made the edit based on the card for capacitors in series, which has the spaces added in, and I’m able to see it properly. The ID for that card is 1554851421543

Here’s a screenshot of the capacitor card I’m referencing:

I’d assume your card for 1554851039454 show properly with the new input? On my end, the original input shows properly. The reason I ask is because this might have to do with what version of Anki you’re on. If you’re on Mac, you can check the version by selecting “About Anki” when you hover under Anki as seen below. Let me know what version you see display

Hey @rodeo528 , just following up