[03.28.2024] Other, AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2/AnKingMed, ID 1239856

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@anking-maintainers I generally like these types of changes


Same. I have made similar changes myself to my deck or just made a new card.

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Ok with addition, have definitely seen it directly tested.

Just don’t feel it’s 100% necessary as at least in my experience it’s unique, taught early, and comes up often :man_shrugging:t3: will accept the decision of the committee tho :man_bowing:t3:

Think this would be a good addition because it helps the deck be comprehensive, especially for those who haven’t encountered these cases before/had prior experience with this

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I have a mnemonic idea, “was good, shattered later” lol

Seems like the change is ready to go.

Is the ^ mnemonic useful? Can add and accept, vote on this message.

There is a card that tests the name

That is testing on presentation though, not pathology

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Whoops sorry…

Don’t think this is an issue (at least in my opinion) - that card is testing on presentation of disease whereas this one tests on naming the pathology based on the definition