[03.29.2024] Other, AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2/AnKingMed, ID 1240320

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@anking-maintainers any ideas for improvement?

I use Queen DAP personally, can also do queen PAD.


i think including queen is good, if some way we can make a nice mnemonic with queen and relates it back to hemolysis or G6PD that would be perfect

I like Queen DAP better than current one

  • Quick And Painless Drugs?
  • Drugs Are Prone to Quick (hemolysis)?

Just some ideas from chatGPT

I like the 2nd one

I like Queen DAP, doesn’t change card too much either

We can also do Queen And Princess Diana (lol) if we want to go with the queen theme


Dont Anger the Queen Please

Queens Dont Acknowledge the Poor and Homeless (like hemolysis)

I think making it individual word based mnemonic will just complicate things, especially since there appears no straight up association. We should not go with that. But if we do go with that type of mnemonic then “G6PD Drugs Are Quite Painful” seems a viable option.
PAD or DAP is much easier to remember.

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Agree w/ @Sameem, think it will be less disruptive to change it to a more memorable single letter type mnemonic than to completely shift to a different one. If we were adding this as a new card I’d be more open to @Jwill 's last one


I’d be fine with Queen DAP


I like Queen DAP. Quin as a hint really gives away Quinidine, so jut a Q is better.

Personally, I do not like individual word mnemonics because I find them harder to recall during an exam unless they are particularly amazing or from first aid.


@anking-maintainers updated to lowest common denominator, Q-PAD. If you like it, thumbs up this comment!

I think Queen DAP is more memorable


Def prefer Queen DAP

Was trying to keep it as simple as possible since people said they prefer straight up > mnemonic with words (although Queen DAP is only one whole word, I tried to avoid). Also feel like Queen DAP is minimal change from the original, but if people prefer I am fine with it!


Would like Queen DAP, helps directly with remembering 2/4 drugs (quinidine and dapsone)