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@Michael_B, believe this is reasonable. Should probably be \frac{1}{R_{tot}} = in the interest of pure correctness, but I do believe this is a reasonable edit.

Thanks for catching this @Brian_BH ! Just edited to add it in

Hey guys, this might just be a me problem but the new card is looking kind of weird. Am I missing an add on or something?

Inside the cloze, it should be the following:

\frac{1}{R_{tot} } = \frac{1}{R_1} + \frac{1}{R_2} + …

I tested it myself and that correction makes it show up correctly. Will have to wait on Michael to push the update, but if you replace the text inside the close with what I posted above it should work. :slight_smile:

The space between the brackets after β€˜tot’ is necessary, as this prevents the cloze from mis-reading the cloze-end. If you can, let me know that it works on your end just to be sure.


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Yep that fixed it! Thanks so much, as always, and have a great weekend!

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Just pushed out the correction! Thanks @Brian_BH !