[05.11.2024] New content, AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2/AnKingMed, ID 1472215

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Not sure if these types of additions are what we’re looking for?




Wow this is cool! Just two things I noticed, is it looks a little weird with the hand drawn “x”s when the rest is digital. I think a digital (symmetrical) “x” would look a lot cleaner. And then I also noticed that “undetected pituitary adenoma” bolds and then goes red is two separate steps. I think that would look better if it happened at the same time.


Love this detailed advice! It’s my first try at this, so still playing with it
Thanks so much!

I like the handdrawn X’s alot, it makes it more personal but just my opinion haha

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This looks great, demonstrates logical order really well imo. My vote for next would be the basal ganglia/Parkinson’s! Though we do already have a couple pictures for that pathway

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Would adding a “1” “2” “3” alongside the steps make it easier to follow when they pop up? Like this:


Oh My God Wow GIF

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@beejumm how big is the GIF file btw?

like megabytes


1.27 MB

^This is for the latest version btw, which is below

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Added a bit of info from Amboss

Good to go? @AnKing-Maintainers

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I like everything but the first initial part is too much to read + not sure if it would benefit from adding to a GIF that just explains how the pathophys occurs

This specifically, the cards themselves should be responsible for explaining it not the GIF if that makes sense:
CleanShot 2024-05-12 at 18.28.07


Yeah I agree, I kinda realized that after I’d edited the whole thing


I think this is ready, will push in a bit

@Ahmed7 Latest file is 1.38 MB


All good, as long as it is like ideally 5 MB or less its okay. Just don’t want it to be something crazy like 90 mb

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Personally would prefer this as a still image so that user can look at it all at once rather than looping, but maybe just me :man_shrugging: super cool idea either way!


Agree with @herstein.jacob, looks great but especially with the numbering i think a still image would be easier / quicker to read

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Think this looks great but as others mentioned having it as a still would be helpful. And I reallllly liked it when it had a bit less info. How about this:

  1. Switch the order of the GIF to start with the completed/numbered image that way on flipping the card there won’t be much distracting movement. Those that are trying to read the image will still get to see it animated.

  2. Shorten the time between each number from ~1-2 seconds → .5-1 second but keep the length of the GIF the same (so more time holding on the completed diagram)

  3. Have the numbers pop up at the same time as the relevant X’s/arrows; might be a bit easier to follow

  4. Remove the bit at the end about the symptoms? Agree with Ahmed that the cards should be able to handle that well enough on their own.

How does it look if we do that?

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