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Not sure why, but this concept has been removed from FA24 - prior versions say “transsphenoidal resection, postoperative pituitary irradiation for residual tumor.” I would probably make this card {{c1::Surgery (transsphenoidal resection)}} +/- {{c1::radiation}}


+1 to this suggestion instead

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Edited - will need to fix image deletion though - @ahmed7 not sure how to best address this when it happens (i.e., newer suggestion wants to remove image that was pushed)

We can copy and paste the HTML of the image from the older version to the suggestion

Ill do that


See this: CleanShot 2024-05-16 at 19.01.20 · CleanShot Cloud

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Already did that haha @beejumm

Beat me to it! :grinning:

Everyone ok with new version? If so, can push

I think adding radiation to extra is enough unless radiation is tested somewhere.

So text is just surgery (transsphenoidal…)

Then a rationale in extra

I just did an AMBOSS question and the answer was “perform radiotherapy of the pituitary”


Is there anything in the question that makes the patient not suitable for the surgery?

I checked the question (surgery was not one of the option, so radiation is the only possible answer, but in the explanation it said that surgery is also a first-line treatment )


Think the answer to this could even be {{c1::surgery}} or {{radiation}} (instead of ±), but either way I feel like we kinda need to include both if we are testing 1st line treatment.

I prefer the current edit (and/or), I checked UTD and it says the treatment is surgery. Radiation is for residual tumor (Just like Amboss article, the qBank might be outdated)

AMBOSS Qbank does tend to be outdated from their articles from what I’ve noticed


So leave as is with +/- ? Or you think remove radiation?

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i vote for +/-