[05.20.2024] Updated content, AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2/AnKingMed, ID 1591282

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Not 100% convinced this needs mnemonic, but leaning towards support because this is a good one



@Ahmed7 we good to go on this? Seems like no objections

Love it, you can push, just need to add 1by1 tag

Would you mind adding it haha I always seem to screw up the tags and add ones that aren’t there/end up being replaced

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@NiceJewishBoy before pushing - where did restlessness come from? Also, “tired” is definitely not the same as lethargy, so that needs to be in parentheses after tired.

Also, can we reformat to match other mnemonic cards?

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Restless came from jittery, and sure. For the rest of my pending suggestions feel free to modify them liberally as needed to secure supermajority support; will probably not be checking replies from here out

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@anking-maintainers ok to change to mnemonic, but UW says “jitteriness, respiratory symptoms (eg, apnea, stridor, wheezing), and, seizures.” Even uses jitteriness in the question stem. I would want to play with this more to keep the buzzwords


I was thinking about JITTR

Inability to feed