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@Ahmed7 can you see the lecture notes section of my card?


The UW question is about a patient with acute asthma exacerbation and the answer is “to monitor the patient in the ED during nebulized bronchodilator and steroids”

The question is about the initial treatment for acute asthma exacerbation and the deposition of those patients, there is a flowchart in the explanation as well

I tried to cover most of the important aspects with of the question but i think it’s a big card and maybe it should be divided into 2 cards instead

Anothe point I want to address is that PO steroids is preferred over IV (vs IV → PO in the card which i assume means that IV is preferred). According to AMBOSS “Routes: PO preferred over IV”

Source: https://next.amboss.com/us/article/or00Rh?q=asthma#Zea3b743c51e3ea853ae437ae16e84d69

No i cant see it

Overall, feel like this is a lot of change for minimal improvement. Fine with original version

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Agree with Jacob, also for IV/PO - think it would depend on severity of patient, PO preferred for mild asthma exacerbation, but IV would be used for severe cases (faster onset, no risk of regurgitation or aspiration). Think IV → PO is referring to initially IV, then switch to PO once patient is stable