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I feel like this update creates some confusion by leaving the central aspect in extra field only. What about something like this?

Causes of retinal vein occlusion

Central retinal vein occlusion (primary): {{c1::thrombosis}}

Branch retinal vein occlusion (secondary): compression from nearby arterial {{c1::atherosclerosis}}


I believe it’s the thrombosis that can be primary or secondary not the disease
Maybe sth like this

Central retinal vein occlusion: {{c1::primary thrombosis}}
Branch retinal vein occlusion: compression from nearby arterial {{c1::atherosclerosis}}

Yeah that is correct, I think where I put the parentheses was confusing - I was just trying to include so the user knows that one is usually a primary disorder and the other is secondary, but could leave that in extra perhaps

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I would prefer it as a sentence like this:

Central retinal vein occlusion is due to primary thrombosis whereas branch retinal vein occlusion is due to compression from nearby arterial atherosclerosis

I feel like that flows smoother.

Devil’s advocate: does this get tested directly? (etiology of a central vs branch occlusion)? Can we add this distinction to extra with asterisk in text?

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your suggestion is better
I dont think it’s tested directly no
I dont mind adding it to the extra as long as the cloze is correct (the original is incorrect and contradicts the extra section)

Agree that this may be unnecessary level of detail, but as @mohannadkh10 said, the original wording is not entirely correct. Not sure what best solution is.

FA24 says “Central retinal vein occlusion is due to 1° thrombosis; branch retinal vein occlusion is due to 2° thrombosis at arteriovenous crossings (sclerotic arteriole compresses adjacent venule causing turbulent blood flow).”

Central retinal vein occlusion is due to {{c1::primary::primary/secondary}} thrombosis branch retinal vein occlusion is due to {{c1::secondary::primary/secondary}} thrombosis
And the rest of details in the extra section
It will be an easy card but it will do the job i guess