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There is a big change in the card ik but think it’s needed
The importance of the card is to test prenatal screening not torch infections
Even if we want to keep it as is why varicella is not there (it’s also torch and also mentioned in UW and Amboss)
Also the older card wont help me get Amboss question right

UW QID says “universal screening for HIV, hepatitis B virus, and syphilis is required at the initial prenatal visit. High-risk patients (eg, prior STI, age <25) are also screened for Chlamydia trachomatis.” AMBOSS mentions HCV, but only highlights HIV, HBV, and Syphilis as high-yield.

This card is not wrong, per se, because it asks about TORCH infections and the answers are correct. It just isn’t the most clinically accurate card since it doesn’t emphasize the standard screening. I could see argument for editing but don’t feel strongly.


I see
But as I said I think making the card about prenatal screening is much better than limiting it to only TORCH infections
Also if we want to keep the current card we should add VZV as well
We can move HCV to the extra only added it because Amboss Qbank directly asked about it

nid: 1577421681006 talks about HCV is recommended for all pregnant women