[06.12.2024] Updated content, OMM for COMLEX/Jwill, ID 1700759

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Ideally we would like to get all counterstrain and Chapman point notes to follow the exact same format. (this would make a worlds difference when searching for cards, finding missing content, and removing dups. The standard format (HTLM) we’d like them to follow is below (sometimes times to preserve review hx switching c1 vs c2 might be necessary, but try to keep them this way for the most part):

<u>Counterstrain Tenderpoints</u>: {{c1::tenderpoint}}<br><br>Location = {{c2::where}}<br>Treatment = {{c2::how}}

<u>Chapman points</u>: {{c1::Association}}<br><br>Anterior = {{c2::where}}<br>Posterior = {{c2::where}}

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