[06.20.2024] Other, AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2/AnKingMed, ID 1720074

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Already mentioned in the extra that it can cause secondary hyperPTH

nid:1488154087019 says PTH is increased

Changing it will cause lot of people to mark this as incorrect. we need to see the pros and cons. personally I support as it makes the card complete and 1by1’s were created for the same purpose

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I lean towards support. I assume this addition is being tested on at least one of the tagged Qbanks?



Agree with others, would like to know which questions specifically this pops up in. Support once we have those details!

Yes 3489 asks about the lab findings for Ca, phos, PTH and the answer is “decreased, decreased, increased”


If we do this, nmight support adding/updating the whole set of cards - we have osteoporosis, osteomalacia, Paget disease of bone, and primary hyperparathyroidism (based on FA24 page 469)