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I did this question last week, the extra in my opinion would have not made you pick the wrong answer. the other answer choices were vastly different from this concept and had things not related. We do not accept NBME sources only but with AMBOSS it does not specifically say this is due to increased respirations but they do state its due to increased tidal volume which leads to the increased in minute ventilation. need someone else to confirm since original is correct

Updated extra from AMBOSS

Since minute ventilation = The volume of air that a person breathes per minute (i.e., the product of tidal volume and respiratory rate).

It can either increase via TV or RR, AMBOSS here specifically mentions TV



@Ahmed7 the card explicitly said that RR stays largely unchanged, and I was super confused during the question because it was the first answer choice I eliminated as I’ve studied the card over and over and had that info deep in my mind. Thank you for your contribution

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“Largely unchanged” does not mean its not changed, just means that the majority of the change in the minute ventilation comes from tidal volume increasing, not from RR.

NBME tends to have outdated information which is why we err with AMBOSS / UWorld when it comes to discrepancies like this

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