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@AnKing-Maintainers too big of a change to extra field for me to accept without discussion/vote. thoughts?

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The only other card about Sympathetic ophthalmia is nid:1585866270473 (i already has an open suggestion there for “anterior uveitis vs pan uveitis”)

the extra section in the second card (which can be shorten as there are a lot of unnecessary and redundant info)

  • This is an autoimmune reaction against retinal antigens that occurs days to years after a penetrating ocular injury or, less commonly, ocular surgery

  • Damage to the eye can sensitize the immune system to retinal antigens and subsequently cause bilateral granulomatous panuveitis

  • This manifests with bilateral eye pain, redness, and photophobia as seen in this case

  • Evidence of inflammation of the anterior chamber on slit lamp examination is typical

  • This patient is at risk of bilateral blindness; immediately initiate treatment with glucocorticoids


love the explanation

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