[08.10.2023] Updated content, AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2/AnKingMed, ID 634211

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Just for context, AMBOSS and the Physeo image on this card don’t list C-II on IDL. Unsure of the relevance of C-II on IDL as it uses hepatic lipase instead of lipoprotein lipase to shed triglycerides

@CTE_BrainDamage please see my separate suggestion on this note regarding the inconsistency between resources. I think maintainers will need to decide what source will be given the highest priority.

nid:1475966546420 says yes - FA23 supports. I think this is transient, but technically correct @Ahmed7 @Wildspin9 @CTE_BrainDamage @Stillmatic @zarathustra @shmuelsash


Not sure I’d cloze it, but ok with adding


Fine either way, think it’s lower yield, but should add a note to extra about variation between sources

C-II doesnt play significant role in IDL, low yield. Slightly leaning against adding, definitely against it as a cloze. Consider adding to extra.

Should try and resolve this suggestion. Given that it’s low yield and not mentioned in Amboss, think it’s best to just add to extra section “Note: First Aid also includes apolipoprotein C-II” @Ahmed7 @Stillmatic @herstein.jacob @shmuelsash @NotEliTanenbaum @CTE_BrainDamage @zarathustra


Should edit the other note for consistency as well

support @wildspin9’s suggestion

Updated suggestion, @CTE_BrainDamage suggestion was just made for nid:1475966546420 which adds an asterix and explanation in extra section

Resolved this + other card

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