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Linked source shows plasmin breaking down both fibrin and fibrinogen; fibrinogen would be the form normally in serum no? Clicking through to the relevant article, AMBOSS states of fibrinolysis: “Plasmin breaks down and deactivates fibrin and fibrinogen”. See suggestion history here; has gone back and forth, historically we left the card as it was (answered as fibrinogen) until we see this directly tested


this is assuming that clots are being made, from my understanding, disorders of fibrinolysis occurs when too much plasmin is being activated therefore destroying fibrinogen (fibrin has not yet been formed because there is hypothetically no clot). ofcourse in reality this varies, and it is way too nuanced for step 1 since i don’t think there has been one question from uworld regarding this topic. therefore its too low yield unless we get a question directly testing it so we can change it definitively for board purposes. also there are tons of different disorders of fibrinolysis so things will probably be different for each one of them. okay with leaving alone for now

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