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can we be 100% sure this is regarding the US and not also globally?

According to WHO:
“preterm birth, birth trauma and infectious diseases cause the most deaths in children under 5 years”
“injuries (including road traffic injuries and drowning) rank among the top causes of death and lifelong disability among older children and young adolescents aged 5–14 years”
source: Older children and young adolescent mortality (5 to 14 years)

“Globally, infectious diseases, including pneumonia, diarrhoea and malaria, remain a leading cause of under-five deaths, along with preterm birth and intrapartum-related complications.”
source: Child Mortality - UNICEF DATA

FA has different age groups for under 14 mortality: (<1 yr) & (1-14 yr)
I’m not sure if step 1 asks about global statistics. So I think it’s up to you guys to decide.

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