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should we specify stool osmolarity vs serum? would need to happen in sister cards

I want to say it is stool osmotic gap actually. need to check amboss

i think this is after osmolarity of the serum, not stool, as least that is what the table makes it seem like, dont think switch to stool osmotic gap content would be appropriate

i like the change just to secretory as suggested

Actually I’m almost positive this refers to stool osmotic gap. That would make this card a dupe.

There’s no way serum osmolarity would change significantly enough to test

these were a weird set of cards when I first went through them. sort them by date to see the group a lot easier. a lot of it is after ECF vs ICF osmolarity and other serum concentrations relating to different types of volume contraction vs volume expansion. for example one is “How does hematocrit change with isosmotic diarrhea?” and another “How does plasma protein concentration change with diarrhea?”

This is coming from Sketchy - Osmolality & Sodium Disorders, which covers changes in serum osmolality/sodium levels