[12.26.2023] Updated content, AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2/AnKingMed, ID 946533

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@Ahmed7 unnecessary how? I saw the 1st card cloze just a few minutes before the 2nd card cloze. There a high chance people are just remembering it from the previous card, which is most likely shown just a few minutes prior.

If you want to avoid this, turn these settings on @oneMedGuy

For new cards (I don’t recommend since its okay to see them right after each other when they’re new cards)

For review cards (I highly recommend this, you won’t see sister cards together, for example, if you saw c1 today, it will show you c2 tomorrow instead of c1 and c2 on the same day)

I really appreciate it. However, I still wonder why not make these type of cards into 1 cloze? Seeing it yesterday lowers the chances of me remembering it, but I could definitely have remembered it from yesterday. Also, it takes extra unnecessary time to do (i.e. If I finish that type of card in ~20 seconds, it would take about ~20 seconds to do 1 cloze, however it’s ~40 when divided into 2). Reducing these cards to 1 seems much more effective. It ensures spaced repetition is done correctly, while minimizing time spent.

We have occasionally merged clozes together which we think would be better remembered together. However, these two drugs have no benefit closing them together other than speed which is not the ultimate goal of merging clozes.

While yes it might be faster to do, this tends to not be the case after 3 months of not seeing the card. It will become much harder to recall, especially when doing many cards.

The problem arises if we apply this to all cards that have this type of cloze, things will become much harder to recall. We also have to take into account that people prefer less information in clozes and doing one cloze with one word is faster than doing 2 separate clozes at the same time. This information can be found in our free card making course if you are interested

Personally, merging these two together would not ultimately benefit everyone subscribed to this deck

If you would like other maintainers to take another look at this for you then just let me know and I can tag them no problem :slight_smile:

Saving time is one aspect of it, which as you said might not be the case a couple of months later. But my main concern was that viewing the information from the other cloze generally lowers the effectiveness of the card. The algorithm’s time multiplier assumes this information was previously seen on a specific date (e.g. two months ago). So reviewing the information a day prior, then answering based off of it, would probably make revision easier but completely undermines the principle of spaced repetition. I’m not an expert on this, so there might be aspects I’m overlooking, but this is my understanding based on reasoning. I completely understand why this would not be desirable, I’m just asking to better understand the logic behind it, and if changing it locally would be worth it.