[12.28.2023] Other, AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2/AnKingMed, ID 949875

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looks okay, @herstein.jacob @thomas.holmes @NiceJewishBoy

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Don’t think this is necessary

Not sure I love this version, but I do support changing from T/F. I’ll work on this

I like the new version. Seems like it’s an oddly specific guideline for a true/false question


@anking-maintainers last call for opinions

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Would just bold the “one time” and not make it a cloze, like once you see this card, you will remember it forever.


Agree with @Sameem, think just clozing the age is enough

Edit was age → aged. I agree with removing cloze on one-time and only testing 15-65. I’d argue that 15 isn’t an adult but ok with leaving out adolescents for conciseness unless there is a UW question about a 15 y/o adolescent.

We already have nid:1577239995026 testing on age, so if anything the focus of this card should be frequency (not age)

Could do a dupe merge? Still think the cloze on one time is not needed. But okay if added.


Yes if it not needed we can just delete/dupe merge

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I agree with approving to cloze both and will submit a separate suggestion to merge as a dupe (keeping this card)

Merging this one @10 votes