"Ankidroid Directory not accessible"/not able to use the app suddenly

I would really appreciate any help. I’ve been using Ankidroid on my phone for a few years and have thousands of flashcards. Tonight, for no apparent reason, when I try to load the app, I get the message “Ankidroid Directory not accessible” and can’t access any of my decks. I have no idea what triggered this, as the app was working fine this afternoon, and I haven’t downloaded any updates or otherwise messed around with it. I don’t use Ankiweb, so no ability to access my flashcards there.

  1. Anyone know how I can fix this and access my decks? I’m a little panicked at the idea of trying to recreate all of them from scratch.

  2. I just downloaded Ankiweb. Is there anyway I can upload my decks from Ankidroid to Ankiweb without having to access the Ankidroid account, just so I have them somewhere?

Thank you for any advice!


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Hey there, Check if ankidroid has access to files (phone setting > apps > ankidroid > permissions) for now, also try reverting the ankidroid version to a previous stable release.

If it still doesn’t work, kindly raise the issue on AnkiDroid GitHub.

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