Any deck owner can edit wikis of decks that they don't maintain

Haven’t investigated this bug fully because i don’t want to vandalize other people’s wikis.
For a deck that i don’t maintain, The edit button is clickable and opens a dialogue to edit the post. this is as far as i have gone but might be worth checking out.


Any user with a trust level of 2 is allowed to edit any wiki on the community. Discourse (the software this community is based on) automatically manages trust levels. See this article for more details:

The user who creates a wiki is notified anytime the wiki is edited. Furthermore, Discourse preserves the wiki’s history so it can easily be reverted to a previous version. We can also ban users who abuse their privileges.

TLDR: this is a feature, not a bug :tm: . Wikis are meant to be editable by the community, not just those who created the wiki or maintain decks. We want every trustworthy user to be able to contribute! We also have ways to moderate and monitor any potential abuse.

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