Bug Report: Tags being changed due to length?

This occurs always when i submit a suggestion with this specific tag regarding leukemia. I always make suggestions on ankihub and never through my anki application and I still get this. I have seen this also happen with another tag, I think its this one but cant seem to find where it did happen exactly


I just know it happens with the leukemia tag specifically from sketchypath and one of the tags involving trichnella spiralis.

I have unsubscribed/resubscribed, redownloaded the deck, checked media and database and removed unused tags and it still seems to occur

also when trying to revert the tag changes on ankihub, it simply goes back to how it was originally, so it cant get removed for some reason regardless if you press revert or not

@dollajas thinks its to do with tag length

You and @dollajas are right, this had to do with the tag length for suggestions. We increased all length values related to tags so we can be safe even if they have two times the size of the tag you showed in the screenshot :smiley:

The fix is already live, let me know if everything is good and/or if you have any questions!

OBS: I checked the database and there is one Leukemia tag just like the one in your screenshot (displaying only the β€œL” of β€œLeukemia”). I fear that it might be on the official note tags and not only in the suggestion (maybe the suggestion was accepted?). Might be worth to check and if that is the case you can open a new suggestion to fix it :slight_smile: