[BUILD-422] migrate users who does not have membership (PR #2150)

:link: Motivation and Context

BUILD-422: Migrate users who does not have membership

:hammer: Description

In this pull request, I’m updating a signal to create a Stripe customer and a membership after email confirmation. Additionally, I’m creating a script to add a membership for all users who don’t have one, using the Basic/Free plan for all of them.

:eyes: Steps to reproduce

Checkout this branch and query your local database for users without a membership or customer ID. After that, run the script and check if all users now have a Basic/Free and inactive membership. Additionally, verify that customer IDs are updated for users who didn’t have one. Also, create a new account and confirm the email. After the email confirmation, the user from the new account should have an inactive membership with the Basic/Free plan.


Users without a subscription.

running script

Running the same query after executing the script.


:mag: Existing Issues For Review

Your pull request is modifying functions with the following pre-existing issues:

:page_facing_up: File: ankihub/memberships/services.py

Function Unhandled Issue
get_or_create_membership AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘get’ /scholarship-requ…
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we usually use Factory Boy on our tests, I.E

    return UserFactory.build_batch(10)