[BUILD-426] feat: Update chatbot element style (PR #2156)

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:bulb: Here you are using createQuestionElement and createAnswerElement to generate the HTML templates of the message balloons, right? I was thinking that if we used the HTML template Element (see here) we could create the AnswerElement and QuestionElement directly in the HTML as templates, which would make the HTML/CSS involved here easier to read and maintain.

Then, since templates are not visible in the DOM by default, at the event listener callback below we could do something like the example that could be found in the docs above:

  const chatWindow = document.querySelector("...");
  const answerTemplate = document.querySelector("#...");
  const questionTemplate = document.querySelector("#...");

  // Clone the templates and append them to the chat window
  const questionMessage = questionTemplate.content.cloneNode(true);
  const answerMessage = questionTemplate.content.cloneNode(true);

  chatWindow.appendChild(answerMessage); // here we append the answer message empty
  // Here I hope the answerMessage keeps the same reference after we appended
  // it to the chatWindow, if not, we can querySelect it again.
  // Now, we can add the three dots to indicate loading (this can also be a HTML template element instead of raw HTML directly in the javascript!)

  // Finally, we do the request to stream and all the other other stuff here,
  // while updating the answerMessage element in real time (appending the stream)

  // End: Add the footer text span (can also be a HTML template element)

What do you think? If you think this is going to be a huge refactor, I’m ok if we merge as it is. I tested and everything is working fine.

The title of this pull request changed from “Feat/update chatbot element style” to "[BUILD-426] feat: Update chatbot element style

I’ve added a commit with the required changes to use the HTML template tag :slight_smile: