Cannot find most of images in Anking v12

Iโ€™ve tried all the previously mentioned method to make images show up, but i cannot find any way to make most of the images in my deck

I subscribed Anking v12, I checked media sinc ; ilde, and i unprotected sketchy, etc. Finally, I have tried โ€œGo to browse in your Anki โ†’ at the top click on ankihub addon tab โ†’ press reset all local changesโ€ either, but still no change.

How can I do for this current situation?
Do i have to re-subscribe or make new ID?
Anki images


Are all sketchy images missing?

How much storage do you have on your device?

About 23K images are missing / and 0 for unused
My laptop has 22GB for another storage. Does it matter??
BTW, thank you for fast reply!!!

So all sketchy images in every card is missing correct? What is the note ID for the card you posted above. Iโ€™ll check on my Anki