Color of highlighted/selected cards on 'Browse' window

I have anki 2.1.56

Is there a way to edit or change the highlight/select color of cards in the “Browse” page?

For example (card state colors): New cards highlighted blue, learning cards red, review cards green, and suspended cards a light tan, and buried cards blue.

Additionally, how do I change the color of selected cards in ‘Browse’?
For example: By clicking/selecting a card in “browse” it is highlighted blue.

Most importantly

When pressing the letter ‘B’ during a review of a card in a deck, it takes you to the “Browse” page and automatically highlights the card that was under review. How do I change the color of that highlight to find/identify the card easier? Because as of now, this highlight I am speaking of is in light grey, while all unsuspended cards are alternating black/grey.

EXAMPLE: I’m doing a card, I want to locate it in the browser, so I press “B” on the keyboard. This takes me to the brows page and highlights the card I was previously reviewing, but it highlights it in grey, the same color as the rest of the cards in the list. Making it hard to find, see below:

So, I would like to know how I can edit these highlight colors so that the cards stand stand out in the browse menu.

The ReColor addon can change this