Creating ankihub_protect::field

I am trying to creat ankihub_protect::field to protect some data that I already added to the “extra” filed before synching with ankihub…

when I go to “browse” then choose specific card > right-click>choose ankihub protect filed> I got a notice saying " the note does not have a note type that is known by ankihub "

how can I fix that

thanks in advance for your help
really appreciated

This ‘error’ means you are trying to protect a note that is a custom note to your collection. Meaning it is a note that does not belong to any of your subscribed decks on AnkiHub. For these notes you do not need to protect any fields, as they will not be affected by any AnkiHub sync.

it still happen with any note even those which still suspended !!!

It doesn’t matter if the notes are suspended, they aren’t on AnkiHub which is causing the error. You need to submit those notes to AnkiHub when creating them if you want to modify them using the system.