Deleted then redownloaed my exported Anking deck, lost all card history

I did not have the first aid images in my deck so wanted to fix that. I exported my anking deck then deleted it wanting to redownload and fix the images. I was unable to do that so re imported my exported copy of the deck. My card history is not saved and everything is new. I have ankihub and synced before I did all that.

Is there a way to get my card history back and fix the first aid images lol. In the past I had tried downloading that 3GB file with all the media and importing from local disk but it did not work

You can recover a backup

If you want to see FA/additional resource images, you have to go to ankihub β†’ anking deck β†’ manage protected data β†’ make sure additional resources/ FA does not have a check

Then go to browse in your anki β†’ at the top click ankihub β†’ reset all local changes

Then import media from your pre-existing V11 deck or media package

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ok so i did all that and was able to get my history back and get FA images but they show up as this

also thank you for the help

How did you import the images?

If you have the media folder, you can now just go to ankihub addon at the top β†’ import media β†’ local file β†’ click the folder β†’ import

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yea i did exactly that. should i redownload it and reimport it?

seems like the β€œadditional images” are also showing as those icons

What is it saying when you import it, can you take a screenshot?

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this is what happened when i imported again just now. I think it said 14 instead of 0 earlier after following your initial message

I clicked continue import on the second image


Hmm… all the media files are there already inside your Anki

Can you try resetting local changes one more time?

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did that then reset anki - still showing the same thing

This is happening for all cards correct?

@abdo.nh any idea whats going on?

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I just found a card that has the FA image showing but most do not seem to show. On that card it has the error image beside the working FA image so not sure if theres another image there not showing.

sketchy works as it did before. the extra images work too. physeo doesnt work but idc

First Aid images are not available via AnkiHub, so merely re-importing your media package downloaded from AnkiHub won’t work. Please see Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

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ok i see, thank you. Why do my classmates have all the FA if they downloaded around the time i did?

Not really sure. @TheAnKing were the images available at the beginning then removed due to copyright concerns?

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The first aid images have never been available for download from AnkiHub. They existed in previous versions of the deck shared by others on Reddit, but we have never shared the media for that field. If you have access to those images, you can import them.

We are committed to respecting the intellectual property rights of others. To that end, the media shared includes only those images that we have licensed or that we reasonably believe are in the public domain. In this regard, the media includes Sketchy, Physeo, Pixorize, and other publicly licensed images. Images found in the First Aid and Additional Resources fields of past decks may or may not be covered by third-party copyrights. The deck on AnkiHub may include html that references images found in earlier versions of the deck with undetermined rights to use and as such may not include a useable image. While other images are available in social media (e.g., Reddit posts and comments or other public forums), we are not connected with and do not maintain or otherwise affiliate with these other sources.

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ok makes sense. Thank you for the help guys

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