Does AnkiHub Verify Pre-Change Card?

Does AnkiHub compare, in a suggestion, what the user has as the “original” of the card to what the state of the deck is on AnkiHub?

For example, if I as the deck owner had a card as this, and this is what it is on AnkiHub:


2 + 2 = {{c1::4}}

but it had previously been


2 + 3 = {{c1::4}}

And a user, who never synced with AnkiHub, then made a suggestion to the previous version of the card is making an update from B (rather than from A) such as this:


3 + 3 = {{c1::4}}

Does AnkiHub show the maintainer what the original is in the “Before” section as A or B? I have a hard time testing this by myself.