Latest Ankihub update is broken on Feb 18

I get this error and ankihub doesn’t load

try deleting the addon and installing again, i had this the other week and that fixed it

I’m also having this issue

I deleted and reinstalled, but I get the error again when I try to delete the DELETE folder cards

Do we have to reimport media if we had to resubscribe to the deck. Also, if I use anki on two laptops, do I need to have ankihub installed on both devices?

You should not need to reimport media if all you did was unsubscribe and subscribe again, and you do not need ankihub addon downloaded on both laptops, you can just sync on one then use the other one, but if you want to get updates while you are on the other laptop you will need the addon. I suggest you get the addon for both laptops, sign in to both, subscribe on both, and that way you can sync wherever you are. That is what I have done atleast