Make one-by-one front and back clozes different colors

Hello all!

Like it says in the title, I want to alter my one-by-one clozes. I want the front of the clozes to be the regular color I have all of my other clozes. They all usually look like this:

I want the front of my one-by-one cards to be different. The back would normally have the little crowns, but I want the back to have the regular-looking cloze with brackets: […]. This was easy enough to edit on the back template:

var clozeHider = (elem) => "[...]"

However, I want the front of my one-by-one clozes to be a different color than all the other not-one-by-one clozes. Is there a way to do this while keeping the back and answer colors the same?

This would give me the following in this one-by-one card.


Back (with one-by-ones not yet answered, usually there would be crowns here, but I changed that)

Back (with one-by-ones answered)