Making AMBOSS field

Hey amazing Ankihub community, hope u all doing well,

i wonder if i can add AMBOSS field without ankihub addon getting mad at me, is there a way i can do it? i already have anki note type addon, any help?

also it would be amazing if u just add it to all of ankihub as AMBOSS is as crucial and more as other fileds

You can add it for your own Personal notes but it would break things if it’s for a deck on AnkiHub. I’d recommend just using the lecture notes field

well I’m using all fields already (creppy i know) but i was thinking why don’t u add amboss field then for all of us?,
It is as if not more important as other fields

we were going to but discussed it with AMBOSS prior to v12 on AnkiHub and they didn’t want us to. Now, even if we wanted to, there’s not a way to modify note types on AnkiHub yet. That is a feature that we’ll work on in the future though

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