MCAT Deck - No Media?

Anybody else having no luck with the media on the AnKing MCAT deck? I subscribed to it today and I first tried to just put in the google drive URL which gave me an error so then I downloaded the file and the media upload was successful but still nothing on the cards. Now trying the mega URL which has been loading for about 4.5 hours and has been stuck in one spot near the end of the upload for about the last hour… Has anybody had a similar issue and found a fix?? Your help would be much appreciated!

Have you tried uploading it using local file?

What did it say when you imported the media?

Note that we are almost done the process of replacing all images with copyright free alternatives for text and extra fields

By any chance do you know the ETA for the images? I downloaded the media file and imported it and still no pictures.

Most of the images have been replaced, you do not need the media package for this since it is being synced via AnkiHub