Missing protected fields button

Hello–my AnkiHub no longer has the “manage protected fields” button in the top right corner. Did it move?

In the AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & Step 2 page, I only have “Subscribed” and “Share Link” buttons in the top right corner. When I originally joined AnkiHub a couple months ago, I had the “Manage Protected Fields” button and was able to use it, but I wanted to check what I had protected and add some more custom protected tags.

Thank you for your help!

I can still see it, try a different browser or another device and see if the same thing is happening?

It looks like my view does not have the dropdown menu with three dots. Screenshot is from Chrome on Mac laptop, but it is also not present on Safari or iPad.

That is odd, @andrew might know why this is occurring.

Perhaps it might have to do with your subscription, do you still have an active subscription to AnkiHub?

I think I have an active subscription… is there any way for someone to confirm for me? I had originally purchased the monthly subscription, but then I cancelled that and purchased the lifetime subscription (at least I thought).

Click on settings here at the top, then click on membership portal, then check if the payment for the lifetime membership went through, it should specify your “current plan” at the top in the portal

@khiroshi , it looks like your membership was erroneously inactivated. I’m not sure why this happened since you have a lifetime membership, but I’ll fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience! It should be good now.

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Hi Andrew, thank you so much! I was able to sync with AnkiHub again and can see the “Manage Protected Data” button now. I was trying to see if the Lifetime membership is active under the membership portal page, but I only see a receipt for two monthly charges (last one in Feb). I also do not see the option to cancel a monthly membership so I could upgrade to Lifetime. Does this mean that I do in fact have a Lifetime membership active right now?

Thank you so much!!

I think the membership portal only shows information about recurring payments/subscriptions. I can forward you a receipt for your lifetime membership.

Yes, you successfully upgraded to lifetime. I think your membership was deactivated when your monthly membership ended, which happened after you upgraded to lifetime. So there was a conflict that wasn’t handled elegantly by our system. Anyways, you’re good to go - lifetime is active and your previous monthly membership is canceled. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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Thank you so much for figuring this all out! I really appreciate it. Everything is working now.