Misuse of "positive feedback" in several notes

For some reason I could not bulk submit suggestion without getting an error message and I think this is quite significant. I hope it is appropriate to post this here!

All the following notes incorrectly use the term “positive feedback” in place of regular activation (allosteric or otherwise). Some demonstrate negative feedback (e.g., activation of FBPase by citrate and ATP technically closes a negative feedback loop by shifting equilibrium the opposite direction), some demonstrate feedforward stimulation (e.g., product of PFK-1 activating the downstream enzyme Pyruvate Kinase), and some just demonstrate plain old cell signalling.

I think this is a pretty important distinction to make - there are only a handful of actual physiological positive feedback loops (coagulation, childbirth, menstruation, for example), and they result in very different - precipitous and unidirectional, rather than corrective - behaviors :slight_smile:

1474164751245, 1474164767353, 1474164778388, 1474224656601, 1474253744082, 1474253749691, 1474253761770, 1474253934255, 1474253956755, 1474253969171, 1475896509771, 1475966765801, 1475982661050, 1476496002961, 1476496007203

Can you submit a suggestion for these individually so the maintainers can take a look? Make sure to paste your rationale and source in each one

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Definitely! Though may be a week or two :slight_smile: