Redownload ankihub add on after issues with the add on updating and not syncing

I redownloaded the add on after being prompted with the suggestion to update every time I signed on. It also did not display the add on as “Anki hub” if that serves any relevance.

I redownloaded. But my question pertains to all the images regarding first aid, pathoma, sketchy, etc. Do I need to hunt around and try to download those images again to my local harddrive and import into anki? Or has this been addressed in the ankihub add on and I do not need to take any extra action at this time?

Thanks to all the great help with my other post regarding updating as well, and thank you to the dedicated team and community members!

If you have imported media once the first time you shouldn’t need to do that again. If you find you’re missing a lot of media for some reason, it won’t hurt to reimport the media as you did the first time

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I tried to redownload the add on, but it is not loading and anki keeps saying add-on failed.

Can you share a screenshot of the error you are receiving? Can you tell me what steps you are taking to reproduce? Screen recording would be useful as well if possible

I retried to add it on again, and it worked this time. Thank you!