Remove COMPLEX tags from syncing

Is there a way to remove the COMPLEX, PANCE, or other 3rd party resources tags and prevent them from reappearing after syncing with AnkiHub? This would make my search for certain topics or QIDs much faster using the sidebar filter without them present from

You can protect these tags by going to the ankihub website β†’ anking overhaul β†’ top right click the 3 dots β†’ manage protected data β†’ write the tags you don’t want to redownload for example #PANCE

Then you can go to your anki β†’ browse β†’ tags β†’ right click on PANCE β†’ delete

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I have completed those steps above. However, the tags that I have added to the protect tags in Ankihub still show up after reopening Anki. Do you have any other solutions from preventing them to re-synced?

Can you take a picture of your protected tags section?

@abdo.nh any idea why they’re not being protected?

I’m pretty sure this feature only goes one way (stops tags from being removed from cards on AnkiHub Sync, but it doesn’t prevent the addition of tags)

I don’t think what the user is requesting is possible at the moment


@ProductTeam can we make this an option?