Several Issues on Version ⁨2.1.55, Can I go back to Version 2.1.46?


I recently upgraded to AnKing v12 via AnkiHub as well as Version 2.1.55 on Anki, however, I am having several major issues that are disrupting my workflow.

  1. The Add-On Anki Zoom no longer works, and I frequently need to utilize zooming in and out of cards due to issues with my eyesight and having shorter/longer cards, however, to my knowledge there is no good way to cleanly zoom in without running into major issues, via the zoom menu, the decks page also gets zoomed in and becomes distorted, via pinch to zoom the card content is not resized

  2. I can no longer edit and add cards within the same card browser window as I used to be able to which greatly disrupts my workflow

  3. Overall version 2.1.55 lags way longer and is slower on my computer

Is it possible to use v12 and AnkiHub on Version 2.1.46-ish? Thank you.